March 2018…Movie Roundup

March has been a slightly slow month for movies as I’ve been a little busier than previous months so only managed to watch 20 movies. Also, March has been the worst month so far in terms of overall quality. While a lot of the movies I’ve watched this month have scored either a 6 or a 7 out of 10 there haven’t been many that have been exceptional like in previous months. March is also the month where I watched the worst movie of not just this year but the last 4/5 years also. I can not reiterate how abysmal The Bad Batch is, just never ever watch that movie, take a nap instead that’ll be a much better use of your time.

Here is the list of movies I watched ranked from best to worst;

1.First They Killed My Father


3.Special Correspondents


5.Michael Clayton

6.Two Brothers

7.Magic Mike

8.Pacific Rim: Uprising


10.Polka King


12.The Pledge

13.Red Sparrow

14.Along Came Polly

15.Blade Runner

16.Robin Hood: Men in Tights

17.Jupiter Ascending

18.Magic Mike XXL

19.Happy Hunting

20.The Bad Batch

March surprisingly saw me watch 3 movies that starred Channing Tatum and while two of them (Jupiter Ascending and Magic Mike XXL) were both pretty poor the other movie (Magic Mike) was really good and enjoyable. The gem this month was Cambodian movie First They Killed My Father directed by Angelina Jolie which is truly magnificent and an eye opener to a part of history that doesn’t get enough attention. As I look forward to what April has in store for me, I’m a little hopeful that it provides me with a higher quality movie experience.

Thanks for reading guys, I’ll see you in April with more movie reviews.

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