The Next 5 Movie Reviews!

Just another brief update as to what is going on here, I’m only watching movies this year and possibly for the forseeable future that I haven’t seen before as I found I was continuously re-watching the same movies on a regular basis. I’m currently playing catch up and have a whole bunch more movies to […]

40 Movies Down!

36. The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) My first trip to the cinema this year was to see The LEGO Batman Movie. After a few weeks of anticipation and trailer watching it was finally time for the opening weekend and I was very pleased that it delivered as much as I had hoped. Boasting a plethora […]

Another 5 Movie Reviews

31.  The Intern (2015) When this movie first came out I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea of it, as lately Robert De Niro movies have been very below par the last couple years and I just predicted this to be another one. How wrong I was! This was a very sweet feel good movie […]

Wrapping up the first 30

26. Horrible Bosses 2 (2014) Three years after the first Horrible Bosses movie comes its sequel, which before viewing I didn’t think was needed as the first one tied up nicely. Usually sequels for comedy movies like this always sink and sink hard compared to it’s predecessor but this was a bit of a pleasant […]


Continuing on with the movies I’ve seen for the first time this year… 21. It Follows (2014) I’m not one for watching a huge amount of horror movies but this year I’m trying all things new and this didn’t disappoint as I thought it was going to. The story follows a woman who is being […]

First 20!

Just a quick recap on what’s going on here, I have been a fan of movies for as long as I can remember & have amassed a large DVD collection over the years. I used to buy a lot more than I could possibly watch and found myself re-watching a lot of the same movies. […]

11 through 15!

11. The Guv’nor (2016) A biopic that came out late last year, this is on Netflix so it’s not hard to track down, which tells the life story of London tough guy Lenny McLean through the eyes of his son Jamie. My only encounter with Lenny McLean within the world of entertainment was watching him in […]