Movie Review: Jupiter Ascending (2015)

Starring: Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and Eddie Redmayne

Directed by: The Wachowskis

Jupiter Jones was born under in a night sky in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, with signs predicting she was destined for great things. Now an adult and the reality of cleaning houses with constant bad breaks hits home. One day everything changes when she discovers that she is the heiress of intergalactic nobility and must fight to protect Earth and it’s inhabitants from being nothing more than profits.

I feel Jupiter Ascending could’ve been a really great movie but it was released at a time where quite a lot of big budget sci-fi action movies were being made. It sort of got lost amongst the shuffle and despite boasting an impressive cast of big Hollywood names such as Mila Kunis, Eddie Redmayne, Channing Tatum and Sean Bean it struggles to really take off and hit the heights it was expected to.

Jupiter Ascending struggled in a lot of areas but the visuals were superb and really made the movie bearable to watch. There wasn’t a heavy use of CGI which benefitted the movie a great deal and out of all the big name stars involved, Channing Tatum was the stand out performer. He played Caine Wise, a genetically engineered ex-military hunter, who ends up being Jupiter’s protector and love interest. Tatum plays the role of action hero pretty well and has started to pick up these type of roles more regularly in his career and while some actors looked a little lost and out of place, Channing Tatum suited his role and kept you interested in his role in the story. He and Mila Kunis had very good chemistry but I think Mila Kunis was poorly cast in the lead role of Jupiter Jones and really feel that she isn’t suited for this genre of movie and should stick to rom-coms where she thrives.

Usually in a movie that boasts the talented Eddie Redmayne as one of its stars he is the stand out performer by a country mile, The Danish Girl and The Theory of Everything are just two examples of this. While he did show glimpses of brilliance, for the most part he seemed awkward and a little lacking. The story at times was too confusing to fully keep track of and the runtime of a little over two hours was excessive.

Jupiter Ascending could’ve been so much better than it was, the Wachowski’s tried revamping their career after going on the decline since The Matrix trilogy. A less jumbled story and a few recasts and Jupiter Ascending would’ve been the enjoyable watch it should’ve been.


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