Weekly Movie Roundup #3

Roxanne (1987)

Steve Martin was in fine form for the most part but unfortunately he wasn’t enough to rescue Roxanne from mediocrity. He was charming, witty and had some great comedic scenes with Daryl Hannah but where Roxanne went wrong was about 30/40 minutes in. The opening was really good and had me chuckling often but gradually the movie just slowly kept getting worse and worse and I started to lose interest as the laughs dried up. The story arc I think was the main problem as the relationship between Roxanne (Daryl Hannah), C.D (Steven Martin) and Chris (Rick Rossovich) played out really weirdly and really didn’t allow the audience to truly get behind what was going on. Not a complete waste of time but certainly not one to rush out and watch either.


The Stepford Wives (2004)

What a strange idea The Stepford Wives was. The movie boasted a stacked cast that featured Nicole Kidman, Bette Midler, Matthew Broderick and Christopher Walken but the standout performer was Glenn Close, she was outrageously charismatic as the matriarch of the close knit suburban community. A good amount of comedy was sprinkled throughout but I really took a dislike to Matthew Broderick’s character as I felt he was emotionally abusive throughout the film to his on screen wife, Nicole Kidman, before redeeming himself at the end. I’m not sure if this was how his character was meant to make me feel but either way, a big thumbs down to Ferris Bueller. What struck me about the plot and the story of The Stepford Wives was that I feel it would’ve worked better as an outright horror movie rather than just having little splashes of it here and there, the potential was there to be really frightening and creepy but the lighter approach was taken with only small elements of the horror genre were thrown in.


Pet Sematary (2019)

Remaking the 1980’s Stephen King classic horror was a risky move as the original is so well received that this modern version of it was always going to struggle in comparison. Surprisingly this version was actually pretty decent although I still prefer the 1989 version but I think that will be the case for the majority of movie goers. What was interesting was that the story, although largely the same, was switched up a little bit to at least keep the people who’ve seen the original on their toes a bit rather than just remaking it scene for scene which would’ve been pointless. I really liked the casting of Jason Clarke as the dad, Louis, I think he’s such a great talent and I really enjoy watching his work. I’ve also got a big soft spot for John Lithgow since watching 3rd Rock From the Sun and while he didn’t have the same type of eeriness about him as Fred Gwynne did in the 80’s original, he was still really good in the role of Jud as he seemed to show more empathy than his predecessor. As with all modern horror movies the main problem here was a severe lack of actual horror and fear. There were some cheap jump scares used throughout but this version was no where near as creepy and as genuinely scary as the original but I think that’s just a problem with the horror genre as a whole as opposed to just being a problem for Pet Sematary.


Jerry Maguire (1996)

Show me the money! This is such an iconic movie quote that the whole world is familiar with and while I knew where it originated I had never actually seen Jerry Maguire. Tom Cruise was Tom Cruise once again in this movie as it’s a performance and a role that he’s done many times. A combination of funny, charming and annoying is something that Tom Cruise can deliver effortlessly. I really enjoyed the cocky arrogant performance by Cuba Gooding Jr and Renee Zellweger also had a really good outing in this movie which was probably her breakout performance. While the cast were all wonderful the problem that faced Jerry Maguire was the story telling. The beginning was gripping and really fast paced and made the audience care about what was next. The ending was emotionally satisfying as Jerry Maguire finally came out swinging for the fences and as he finally came out on top of all his trials and tribulations which was a satisfying conclusion. However, the middle segment of the movie was really diluted and all the charm and momentum that was built up in the opening 30/40 minutes wasn’t capitalised on as I began to really lose focus on what was going on. If the middle of the movie was the same calibre as the beginning and end then Jerry Maguire could’ve been a top drawer movie contender but instead it was an above average movie with room for improvement.


That’s it for this week, a pretty successful week overall for movie watching. As ever guys thank you for reading my words and I’ll catch you again next week.

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