Brief Movie Roundup

I’ve been getting back into watching movies on a bit more of a regular basis and have watched some good and some bad recently. Here are my brief thoughts on what I’ve been watching for the first time: 1. The Gentlemen (2019) 9/10 I love Guy Ritchie movies and this was fantastic. The interweaving storytelling […]

Weekly Movie Roundup #3

Roxanne (1987) Steve Martin was in fine form for the most part but unfortunately he wasn’t enough to rescue Roxanne from mediocrity. He was charming, witty and had some great comedic scenes with Daryl Hannah but where Roxanne went wrong was about 30/40 minutes in. The opening was really good and had me chuckling often […]

Weekly Movie Roundup #2

The Hustle (2019) I did not know this film existed until I stumbled across it on Netflix this week and I saw the cast which was the main thing that lured me in. Anne Hathaway is more often than not enjoyable to watch and she’s so diverse that she can star in emotional masterpieces such […]

Top 10 Musicals

Ahhhhh musicals, a genre of movie that I used to love as a kid with Disney classics such as Aladdin, Aristocats, Dumbo & The Jungle Book amongst others as the list of great Disney animations goes on and on. As I entered my teenage years and beyond I stopped watching musicals and really wasn’t interested […]

Movie Review: Birds of Prey (2020)

Starring: Margot Robbie, Ewan McGregor and Jurnee Smollett-Bell Directed by: Cathy Yan My first trip to the cinema of 2020 and it was to see a movie that I wasn’t really excited for at all. I saw the trailers some time ago and thought it all looked rather meh despite Harley Quinn being one of […]

It’s been a while

Not quite sure what to say here, as some of you may be aware I used to use this platform almost on a daily basis back in 2018 where I reviewed every movie I watched that year racking up a total of 270 reviews. Then the turn of the year happened and everything became crazy […]