Movie Review: The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

Starring: Matt Angel, Renee Dorian and Jere Burns

Directed by: Andy Palmer

Six of the sickest psychopaths that have been kept in an asylum for the criminally insane escape and start terrorising an unsuspecting crowd attending a Halloween themed Funhouse inspired by their various reigns of terror.

I don’t generally watch many slasher horror movies as typically they all tend to be very similar in both story and quality. With that being said and with Halloween fast approaching I wanted to watch at least one more horror before the month is out. I came across The Funhouse Massacre on Netflix and although the story sounded like something I had already seen before, I saw that the movie featured horror legend Robert Englund, who is most famous for playing the original Freddy Krueger, so I decided to give it a chance and see what it had to offer.

As the movie starts I initially began to regret my decision to choose The Funhouse Massacre as the acting right from the off was borderline atrocious from the majority of the supporting cast. I was also slightly disappointed that Robert Englund only featured in the first 10 minutes before being killed off by one of the psychopath killers who ended up on a killing spree at the themed Funhouse. I felt that his experience in the horror genre could’ve been utilised throughout the movie as he’s a man who knows how to produce a good horror performance but before I knew it he was dead. As the movie progressed the acting didn’t get much better but there were some solid performances mixed in with the bad ones by Renee Dorian and Matt Angel who played Funhouse goers and love interests Laurie and Morgan. Their chemistry was good and the slow developing relationship had a nice build towards the inevitable embrace of affection at the end.

While The Funhouse Massacre isn’t going to win any awards for acting quality or any production values it was fantastically bloody and gory. Sometimes slasher movies seem to lack a decent amount of blood and carnage but this was not the case here as there was almost an infinite amount of bodies piling up as the escaped psychopaths have their way with the Funhouse crowd. Rocco, an overly violent wrestler played by the massive Mars Crain was extremely effective as he had the most creative kills and although his power and strength was slightly over the top he was great to watch as he truly terrorised anybody that happened to get in his way. Some of the killings were comic book style in how outrageous they were but I think with the obscene use of blood and make-up FX everything just seemed to work as this movie was almost an homage to the classic 80’s teen slasher movies of the past.

Overall, The Funhouse Massacre started off a little ropey but ended up growing into a fun and gory bloodfest. With goofy comedy mixed in with the the crazy characters it wasn’t the awful movie that I thought I was going to get after 10 minutes of viewing.


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