Movie Review: Sleepwalkers (1992)

Starring: Brian Krause, Mädchen Amick and Alice Krige

Directed by: Mick Garris

Charles Brady and his mother Mary are sleepwalkers, they are able to change their appearance and need to feed on young, pure women in order to stay alive. They have recently moved to a small town in Indiana and have hand picked high school student Tanya as their next victim and Charles must earn her trust and friendship in order to drain her of her life so he and his mother can feast.

Sleepwalkers is a movie written by legendary horror writer Stephen King. Over the last couple of years I have really enjoyed watching a number of Stephen King movies and while they all haven’t been winners, I was eager to see what Sleepwalkers had to offer.

Sleepwalkers started off really well and everything looked very promising. The scene was set as were the intentions of mother and son creatures, Charles and Mary. They were two creatures who feed off of the purity of young women and without a constant source of food they risk starving to death. Charles, posing as a high school student handpicks Tanya Robertson to be their next victim but he’s unable to successfully drain her of life as she puts up a fight and manages to get escape with her life. The Sleepwalkers are afraid of cats as if they come in contact with a cat they could potentially die. With an army of cats sitting outside of their home, a wounded Charles and protective mother Mary must come up with a plan in order to gain access to Tanya to finish what Charles started.

The opening hour or so of the movie started off really well, the quality of acting was fairly decent for a low budget 90’s horror movie and the story was interesting and engaging. The horror aspect of the movie was pretty tame but the makeup used when Charles was changing from human to creature was surprisingly well done so I didn’t mind the horror being a little weak and ineffective. Despite the quality of the movie being at a high standard during the opening hour or so, it was the final half an hour that really dragged this movie down and left me feeling a little disappointed.

The story went from interesting to ridiculous and the acting quality nosedived dramatically, especially from Alice Krige who played Mary, she was horrendous to watch during the last third of the film. The movie lost the natural charisma shown by Brian Krause who played Charles, as his mother took over as central protagonist and that was definitely the worst decision that could’ve been made. As well as the shift in main character and horrible acting I hated the unrealistic violence and action scenes as the movie was drawing to a close. Some of the violence was quite laughable and executed very poorly and I didn’t understand how the police cars blew up after being shot at once?!? I mean, where’s the logic? The ending was fairly predictable too and there was a small appearance from a young Ron Perlman too but he was pretty poor although this was mainly due to the script being quite shoddy towards the conclusion of the movie and offering nothing solid to work with.

Overall, I throughly enjoyed the first hour of the movie and it was a shame that it didn’t finish in the manner of how it started. The ending was extremely poor and really let the movie down.


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