Movie Review: The 33 (2015)

Starring: Antonio Banderas, Rodrigo Santoro and Juliette Binoche Directed by: Patricia Riggen Based on the remarkable true story where 33 gold miners in Chile are trapped 700 meters underground for 69 days before they were finally rescued. This is a movie that I’ve been wanting to watch for some time as I’m a sucker for […]

Movie Review: Rex (2017)

Starring: Kate Mara, Ramon Rodriguez and Tom Felton Directed by: Gabriela Cowperthwaite The true story based on the life of a young marine corps dog handler who was deployed to Iraq to sniff out IED’s. Corporal Megan Leavey along with her dog Rex saved countless lives and after leaving the marines Megan petitioned so she […]

Movie Review: The Angel (2018)

Starring: Marwan Kenzari, Toby Kebbell and Maisa Abd Elhadi Directed by: Ariel Vromen The true story of Ashraf Marwan, The former Egyptian President Nasser’s son-in-law and special advisor to his successor Anwar Sadat. Despite being an important person within Egypt he simultaneously became a precious asset to Israel during the 70’s as he attempted to […]

Movie Review: Open Water (2003)

Starring: Blanchard Ryan, Daniel Travis and Some Sharks Directed by: Chris Kentis Based on the true story of two scuba divers that were accidentally left behind in shark infested waters after their tour boat left and headed back to shore. I’m not going to spend too much time on this movie review as I already […]

Movie Review: Patch Adams (1998)

Starring: Robin Williams, Monica Potter and Bob Gunton Directed by: Tom Shadyac The remarkable true story of aspiring doctor Hunter “Patch” Adams and his journey through medical school. After spending a little time in a mental institution for suicidal thoughts he finds his calling and that’s to become a doctor to help as many people […]

Movie Review: Chasing Mavericks (2012)

Starring: Jonny Weston, Gerard Butler and Elisabeth Shue Directed by: Michael Apted and Curtin Hanson The inspirational true story of Jay Moriarity, the surfing phenomenon who became a sensation within the sport for daring to dream. At 15 he is taken under the wing of Frosty Hesson who is to teach him how to ride […]

Movie Review: Bernie (2011)

Starring: Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine and Matthew McConaughey Directed by: Richard Linklater The strange true story of Bernie Tiede, a pleasant and likeable assistant funeral director who moves to the small Texas town of Carthage. He begins to comfort and befriend recently widowed Marjorie Nugent when little by little she takes control of his life […]

Movie Review: Million Dollar Arm (2014)

Starring: Jon Hamm, Lake Bell and Bill Paxton Directed by: Craig Gillespie A struggling sports agent makes a last bid attempt to keep his company afloat by venturing on a crazy recruitment strategy to find baseball players in India, a country renowned for playing cricket. This movie has been sitting by my Xbox for the […]

Movie Review: Nacho Libre (2006)

Starring: Jack Black, Ana de la Reguera and Hector Jiminez Directed by: Jared Hess Nacho is a monastery cook who spends his life feeding orphans while being overlooked and looked down upon by the monastery. He’s always been a fan of wrestling and since the arrival of Sister Encarnacion at the monastery he thinks the […]

Movie Review: Evelyn (2002)

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Aidan Quinn and Sophie Vavasseur Directed by: Bruce Beresford Based on the true story of Desmond Doyle as he went up against the church and Irish law in order to get his children back after they had been taken away from him and sent to church run orphanages. As I have previous […]

Movie Review: The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio (2005)

Starring: Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern Directed by: Jane Anderson The remarkable true story of Evelyn Ryan, a housewife and mother of ten children who enters poetry and jingle writing competitions in order to win prizes to keep the family afloat. I had never heard of this movie prior to seeing it pop […]

Movie Review: The Lady in the Van (2015)

Starring: Maggie Smith, Jim Broadbent and Alex Jennings Directed by: Nicholas Hytner The amazing true story of playwright Alan Bennett’s relationship with Mary Shepherd, an eccentric homeless old lady who lives in her van. One day he invites her to park her van on his driveway to avoid her being targeted for abuse from passers […]