Movie Roundup; The Last 7 Days of Film

A movie I’ve been excited for since its release but for one reason or another I’d never been able to sit down and watch it, until now. It was visually beautiful and very well acted out by all involved, even Harry Styles which came as a surprise to me. The scenes in the sky as […]

Movie Roundup…December 2018

Here we are, the final month of the year has passed as we approach the beginning of 2019. My yearly goal was to watch as many movies for the first time as possible and to surpass my last years total of 209 which I absolutely smashed as I ended up with a nice round number […]

September 2018…Movie Roundup

I’m almost certain I say this in every monthly review but I’ll say it again, I can’t believe another month has gone by so fast, we’ll soon be approaching both Christmas and 2019. September started off very poorly indeed but thankfully the month did improve as early on I watched the monstrosity that was Sharknado […]

July 2018…Movie Roundup

July has whizzed in by as we head into August and for me July was a rather slow month in terms of quantity of movies but I’ve had a lot going on away from film this month but now that’s calmed down a little as August looks a lot clearer for movie watching. The month […]

February 2018…Movie Roundup (repost)

Weirdly this got deleted somehow and sent to my drafts. This is just a repost just so it’s available for you guys to read. So, another month has been and gone and with that came another selection of movies for me to watch for the first time. February in comparison to January wasn’t as strong […]