This is not goodbye, just see you again soon

Obviously you guys may have been aware that since my end of year review a short time ago I haven’t been posting any new movie reviews from the movies that I’ve watched so far in 2019. As the title suggests I’m distancing myself from writing reviews and continuing the blog but not permanently as I will be back at a later date but I haven’t decided when. While this blog has really surprised me at how well it’s done, as I genuinely didn’t think anybody would read what I had to write which is something I’ve previously eluded to, I simply have too much happening in my personal life at the moment to be able to watch and review movies to the best of my ability. While I don’t claim to be a professional writer and this project has been completely hobbyist for me I just don’t want to write poorly written reviews that my heart just isn’t in as I’ve rushed through the writing of it without a care about the quality of the content so I’d rather take time away until I have the time to give 100% again.

Also, towards the end of last year (November/December) I had a lot going on but was determined to see the entire year out so I still wrote the reviews but was enjoying the whole process a lot less as it was very time consuming at a time when I had very little time to spare which is why I began watching less movies because the thought of having to review it afterwards gave me a feeling of dread. So once my sabbatical from this finishes and I make time to come back I will have to restructure how I review movies and maybe select just the better ones to review rather than each and every one of them but that’ll be something for me to think of further down the line.

So, i’d like to take this moment to thank all of you that have been following and reading my reviews and as the title says this is not goodbye, just see you again soon. I wish you all all the best and hope 2019 treats you well and I shall be back here with more movie reviews once everything here quietens down a tad.


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