Movie Review: Office Space (1999)

Starring: Ron Livingston, Jennifer Anniston and David Herman

Directed by: Mike Judge

Three software engineers who despise their jobs come up with a plan to slowly steal a little money from their greedy bosses by installing a computer virus into the system.

Office Space has been on my radar for some time and with the cast featuring some of the biggest TV stars in the shape of Jennifer Aniston and John C. McGinley. I love both Friends and Scrubs and Dr. Cox was one of my favourite characters in Scrubs and I was excited to see one of his performances before landing his iconic TV role. This movie is considered as a bit of a cult comedy classic and the opening couple of scenes were more than promising.

Ron Livingston plays main character Peter who is fed up with life and hates his work and hates his boss Bill Lumbergh even more. He goes to a therapist who changes his mentality on life and he starts doing what he wants to do, when he wants to do it. He begins to skip out on going to work and takes the chance with the girl he’s been secretly admiring for a while and everything is seemingly coming up for Peter. His big mistake however comes when he and a couple of his friends from work upload a virus to the works computer system which effectively allows them to steal a fraction of a penny from the company thousands upon thousands of times so over time they can get away with hundreds of thousands of dollars in minute transactions that would be unnoticeable. Of course things go disastrously wrong which leave Peter and his friends scrambling for a solution which only ends in hilarious results.

There were so many cleverly written characters in this film and while the cast wasn’t stacked full of A List stars there were so many great little performances with Stephen Root definitely outshining everybody else as he played Milton, who was a reserved and often strange man who allowed himself to get constantly walked over despite threatening under his breath that he’d put a stop to it all. Gary Cole as egotistical boss Bill Lumbergh was top quality and I finally know where the “that’d be great” memes come from. John C. McGinley didn’t play as big of a role as i would have liked but was good to watch when he was on screen and his chemistry with Ron Livingston was really good as they played off each other extremely well.

I felt the story moved at quite a slow pace and there wasn’t a great deal of depth to the plot either but Office Space managed to make the movie work in spite of this. While there were a lot of laughs throughout there were no true belly laughs that I was expecting as most of the laughs were just sniggers and light chuckles more than anything. Jennifer Aniston felt a little wasted in her role of Peter’s love interest, Joanna. At the time this movie was released she was at the pinnacle of her career with Friends being one of the biggest TV sitcoms at the time and I thought that this film would utilise her current fame and thrust her into a larger role but her character serves no real purpose which was a strange choice.

Overall, Office Space was a very funny movie that was a relaxing watch with numerous standout characters and performances. The plot was a little thin and Jennifer Aniston was rather wasted but Stephen Root, Diedrich Bader and Gary Cole were all excellent.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Office Space (1999)

    1. Definitely captures the humdrum reality of office work. I think my expectations were quite high going into this movie and while it was still good I think I just expected better


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