Movie Review: The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

Starring: Kurt Russell, Darby Camp and Judah Lewis

Directed by: Clay Kaytis

Kate and Teddy Pierce plan to catch Santa Claus delivering presents and they end up getting much more than they bargained for with an adventure of a lifetime.

When I first saw the advertisement for The Christmas Chronicles my initial impressions were not great to say the least. I just thought it looked really bad and the comedy depicted in the trailer looked very forced and unnatural so when my wife suggested watching it last night I was filled with a combination of dread and disappointment. While Christmas is a mere two weeks away I haven’t watched anything remotely festive so far this month but I was hoping to watch something that appealed to me but I think that I might have already seen most of the marquee Christmas movies so The Christmas Chronicles just has to do.

Never has a movie trailer failed to do the film justice as much as The Christmas Chronicles. What I thought was going to be a horrendous Christmas movie turned out to be such a fun-filled entertaining ride as Kurt Russell was surprisingly a fantastic Santa Claus. His performance was the best rendition of Santa Claus since Richard Attenborough in Miracle on 34th Street as it was filled with comedy and heart warming moments that symbolised the magic of Christmas. I really enjoyed watch Kurt and his relationship with the two kids who get stuck in his sleigh is great as it blossoms and transforms Teddy (Judah Lewis). Also the back and forth between Santa and the police officers is a really enjoyable moment and the prison cell scene was such an entertaining ride as Kurt Russell oozes so much charisma and natural charm.

The only real problem I had with The Christmas Chronicles were Santa’s elves. There were obviously a few inconsistencies throughout the movie but they were very easy to look past as I was too busy enjoying the film to really care but Santa’s elves reminded me of minions in the way in which the spoke and conducted themselves and I despise the minions. They obviously didn’t look like elves in appearance but some of the character traits and they way in which the communicated felt as though the elves were inspired by the horrible, yellow noise makers. While the elves didn’t have a huge role to play until the very end of the movie they still managed to dampen my Christmas joy a little.

Overall, The Christmas Chronicles was fantastic family fun as Kurt Russell really immersed himself into the role. With feel good undertones mixed in with the craziness of Santa and all that he brings to the film, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself this festive season with this movie.


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