Movie Review: Last Vegas (2013)

Starring: Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas

Directed by: Jon Turteltaub

Four lifelong friends who are entering the latter stages of life all come together for a weekend in Vegas for a bachelor party for their last remaining unwed friend.

Four of the biggest actors of yesteryear come together to produce a feel good comedy about friendship, togetherness and remaining young at heart. Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline are wildly funny as they play a group of buddies who have been best friends for close to sixty years. Their group is completed by Michael Douglas who is a lot less funny in his role and watching him play a comedic role almost felt unnatural as he’s so used to playing great dramatic roles that this seemed a little outside his comfort zone. The previously mentioned trio all have prior experience at playing comedy roles and it shows here in Last Vegas as they are the root source of comedy with some great one liners but Michael Douglas doesn’t seem to fit into the role or the group as he struggles to come across as crude and amusing. Morgan Freeman was especially on fire in this movie as everything he seemed to do and say was funny and the scene where he’s jumping out of the window to “escape” the watchful eye of his son was such a simple piece of writing but also very effective in gaining some laughs too.

The story was pretty straight forward and predictable but was full of feel good overtones towards the end as the film finished on a triumphant high note with each of the older friends having come away from Vegas with a new outlook on life. The four actors are joined on screen by Mary Steenburgen who is charming and sweet in her role as a Vegas singer at one of the less popular resorts. She adds a little heart to the story where it was needed and allowed Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro’s characters the chance to grow and reconcile their differences.

Overall, Last Vegas is a film that of course has its flaws and failings but for the most part it’s a feel good comedy movie which stars some wonderfully talented actors who deliver an important message of living your life to the fullest and not to be afraid of getting old. Certainly worth checking out.


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