Movie Review: I Kill Giants (2017)

Starring: Madison Wolfe, Zoe Saldana and Imogen Poots

Directed by: Anders Walter

A young girl who is a loner in school and at home lives in a world of fantasy as a giant killer and protector to the town she lives in as she struggles to cope with life’s hardships.

I Kill Giants was a movie that was completely different to what I had actually expected. This isn’t a negative thing by any means it was just I had expected this film to be more like Norwegian movie Troll Hunter which was a fantasy adventure in search of trolls but I Kill Giants was a mixture of fantasy and the harsh reality of dealing with what life can throw at us. Barbara, played by Madison Wolfe, is a young teen girl who claims to slay giants who are trying to destroy the small town that she lives in. She’s a loner in school and is often made fun of and she doesn’t really fit in at home either with her brother and sister thinking she is weird. Barbara then meets Sophia (Sydney Wade) who has only just moved to town from England and although Sophia finds Barbara strange they slowly become friends as Barbara learns to trust somebody with her secrets. It’s only until later on in the movie that we learn why Barbara surrounds herself in fantasy and it’s because her mother is really sick and it’s her way of coping with the pain of potentially losing her mother at such a young age.

Firstly, Madison Wolfe as Barbara was great. She was so interesting to watch and truly nailed the character type she was meant to have been playing and the writing for her character was so cleverly done. I found the way in which the movie approached such a sensitive subject to be very intriguing and quite unique as everybody has their own way with dealing with sickness and loss and the way they explored the imagination of a rebelling teenager was incredibly fascinating. The CGI was pretty decent and despite the giants not looking particularly menacing, they still looked quite impressive. Zoe Saldana features as Mrs. Mollé who was Barbara’s school counsellor and she was good at moving both the character and story along at a nice pace. The last few movies I’ve seen Saldana in have all been fast paced action flicks so it was a nice change to see her in a more subdued and relaxed role where she didn’t have to take part in any outrageous fight sequences.

I found the movie struggled to really develop the characters of Barbara’s brother and sister (Karen and Dave). They are both facing the same emotional trauma as Barbara and while they show Karen, played by Imogen Poots, struggle to cope with her work demands as well as her newly found responsibilities at home, a relationship between Karen and Barbara is never truly established or utilised. Dave on the other hand was a pointless character who offered nothing in this movie and could’ve easily have been dropped without anybody noticing. The actress who played Sophia was also pretty poor as she looked out of place at times and the movie tries to say that she’s from Leeds, England but I’ve never heard anybody from Leeds talk the way she talks, where was the Yorkshire accent?

Overall, I Kill Giants was a nice little surprise and was completely different to how I had envisioned it. It was filled with a lot of raw emotion as it’s a movie that is quite easy to relate to by people who are going through similar struggles to Barbara.


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