Movie Review: The Lone Ranger (2013)

Starring: Johnny Depp, Armie Hammer and William fichtner

Directed by: Gore Verbinski

Native American warrior Tonto recalls the story of John Reid, a man of the law turned legend of justice as he transforms into the Lone Ranger.

Another Johnny Depp movie! I feel like I’ve been watching a lot of him recently with both Alice in Wonderland movies as well as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on my watched list over the last couple months and here I am back with another. This time we have him playing Native American warrior Tonto in the legendary story of The Lone Ranger. Initially I thought it was strange that Depp received top billing despite not playing the Lone Ranger, merely his sidekick, but I guess the name Johnny Depp puts more butts in seats than Armie Hammer but I still feel that the actor playing the title character should get top billing.

Moving swiftly on to the movie and it was fast paced, full of action, had great characters and was surprisingly very funny too. I was a little apprehensive to watch Johnny Depp play a Native American as the movie studio could’ve quite easily cast a Native American actor to fulfil the role but again Depp was used merely as a marketing tool to get people to want to watch this movie. Having said that his portrayal of Tonto was great as he was a combination of mysteriously dangerous as well laugh out loud funny as he puts on one of his better career performances. He shared good chemistry with Armie Hammer who played John Reid also known as the Lone Ranger and their witty back and forth with each other kept the movie alive during the story’s slower periods. William Fichtner plays villain Butch Cavendish and does so brilliantly well with the character. I’ve been a big admirer of Fichtner for some time, probably since he first appeared in Prison Break as Alex Mahone. I feel he’s more in his element when playing the bad guy and his performance as Cavendish only supports my statement as he plays the psychopathic, crazy gang leader who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. His partner in crime is played by Tom Wilkinson who is also in his element when he’s playing the snake like character. He tends to play a character who you think is good natured but nearly always takes a turn to the bad side and becomes the evil genius behind all the wrong doings throughout the movie. He’s great at what he does and although Wilkinson’s characters are largely predictable, he still manages to put in a good performance each time.

Admittedly some of the action sequences, especially the one at the end on the train are a little ridiculous to say the least as it’s all over the top and ludicrously unbelievable but despite this they’re still very fun to watch. The Lone Ranger is a film not to be taken too seriously and I think the crazy antics just elevate the entertainment in this movie. The music used is great especially the iconic Lone Ranger theme music as it really does add a lot of character and charm to the film. If I had to nitpick at something I’d say that Helena Bonham Carter was vastly wasted as her role is very minimal yet she receives third billing on the DVD cover so I was a little disappointed to see that she only had a very minor and insignificant part to play.

Overall, The Lone Ranger was a lot more fun and energetic than I had anticipated and I found myself enjoying every twist and turn in the story despite its lengthy runtime. Very good acting performances all round and I would highly recommend checking this out if you haven’t already, an incredibly fun movie that’s not to be taken too seriously.


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