Movie Review: The Little Prince (2015)

Starring: Jeff Bridges, Rachel McAdams and Marion Cotillard

Directed by: Mark Osborne

A little girl lives in a very grown up world and her mother does everything she can to prepare her for the future. The Aviator who lives next door introduces the little girl to a story about the Little Prince, which is a story where anything is possible.

I knew absolutely nothing of The Little Prince before watching but my wife has been wanting to watch it for a while and the image Netflix used for it reminded me of Fantastic Mr. Fox which was an animated movie that was pretty decent so was more than willing to give The Little Prince a chance. As the movie started I instantly recognised the voice of Jeff Bridges and his familiar raspy voice felt strangely soothing as the movie got going.

I really enjoyed the two different types of animation used within The Little Prince and the contrast between the newer animation with the older more retro style was very well done and was a joy to watch. I really liked the relationship between the little girl and the aviator, it felt like the special kind of bond that a grandfather has with his grandchildren, filled with love and care as they spend some quality time with each other enjoying the company of one and other. The story the aviator was telling was about his encounter with the mysterious Little Prince felt magical and was surprisingly uplifting which was something I didn’t expect to take away from this movie.

The first hour of the movie was great and a real joy to watch but unfortunately the movie took a bit of a down turn in its conclusion. The little girl goes on a quest to find the illusive Little Prince that the aviator had told her about and that part of the story really let the opening sequence down. I felt that the movie had lost a lot of its magic that made it so inspiring and relatable and towards the end I felt myself almost tuning out as it just wasn’t as engaging. The end part of the movie was mainly watchable for the fox character who was really fun but outside of that there wasn’t anything that stood out.

Overall, The Little Prince was a nice surprise despite its slightly disappointing ending which lost the charm and magic that was so evident during the beginning of the movie. Still a good family movie that can be enjoyed by everyone.


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