Movie Review: Venom (2018)

Starring: Tom Hardy, Riz Ahmed and Michelle Williams

Directed by: Ruben Fleischer

Eddie Brock’s life and career is destroyed by the powerful Carlton Drake who strives for greatness. After Eddie breaks into Drake’s high security lab a symbiote known as Venom enters his body and gives Eddie extraordinary gifts.

I’m not too sure if I was just oblivious to it but I didn’t seem to see much promotional advertising for Venom and considering it’s the next movie in Marvel’s ever growing cinematic universe and it was starring the outstanding Tom Hardy I was quite surprised at its lack of build up prior to release. My wife and I went out with a couple of friends to the local cinema on day of release which offered the 4DX experience and it was both of our first times seeing a movie in 4DX that we weren’t quite sure what to expect.

The movie as a whole was good although Venom was a vastly different character than I had anticipated. I know very little about the MCU other than what I’ve seen in the movies as I’ve never read any of the comics and to be honest I doubt I ever will. While I’m now very familiar with The Avengers and Spider-Man, Venom was an unknown entity and the character was completely different, but in a good way to what I had expected. Tom Hardy was as always brilliant in the role as Eddie Brook/Venom and out of everything I’ve seen him in I’ve always been impressed by his incredibly acting ability. He was joined on screen by Riz Ahmed who is putting together an impressive résumé in Hollywood as he continues to be involved with big projects. He plays the sinister bad guy and science mogul Carlton Drake who is on a quest to find a way for humans to link up with a symbiote that he has retrieved from space and find a way of living outside of earth. Drake only has ill intentions when it comes to climbing the success ladder and will trample on an unlimited amount of people to get to the top and Eddie Brock is the man who see’s through Drake’s fake public image and wants to take him down. Both Ahmed and Hardy work very well with their different personas and for the little time they share together on screen their chemistry is very good.

The comedy involved in this movie was wonderfully written and executed that this movie’s near two hour run time just flew by as I was enthralled by both the comedy and the action packed scenes. Some of the action sequences however did feel a little too CGI heavy which was a bit of a shame. Although it wasn’t on the Michael Bay scale of CGI it was still a little intense and over the top at times especially at the end during the final fight sequence between Venom and Riot. I’m not sure if it was written this way or it’s something that I’ve taken away from the movie but I absolutely hated Michelle Williams’ character as she played Anne, Eddie Brock’s former fiancé. I found her to be extremely bitter and bitchy as she fails to move on from Brock’s mistake that ended up terminating their relationship.

Just a little opinion on my first ever 4DX experience, I found it to be quite distracting at times and the constant flashes of light during cut scenes was a little annoying and although it started off quite fun as it was something different I wouldn’t recommend it as it takes a bit of enjoyment away from the movie.

Overall, Venom was a good watch although it really needed to tone down the CGI at times. Tom Hardy was great as always and I felt that his real life personality suited the character he was playing.


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