Movie Review: The Banger Sisters (2002)

Starring: Goldie Hawn, Susan Sarandon and Geoffrey Rush

Directed by: Bob Dolman

Lavinia and Suzette are two former rock groupies and best friends but after not seeing each other for nearly twenty years they reconnect. Suzette hasn’t changed at all but Lavinia has adopted a more conservative lifestyle.

The Banger Sisters usually isn’t my kind of movie but in the spirit of trying things new I was willing to give it a ganders. Combine that with my wife giving me a few options of chick flicks to watch last night and as it was approaching our usual bed time (I feel saying bed time makes me sound 6 years old again) I chose the movie with the shortest runtime which happened to be The Banger Sisters. While I’m not a big fan of Goldie Hawn I do usually enjoy watching both Susan Sarandon and Geoffrey Rush so I was quite excited to see how the movie planned out.

Weirdly, I much preferred the performance of Goldie Hawn than I did Susan Sarandon in this movie. Both actresses play former rock groupies who used to be wild in their youth but as they’ve grown older and haven’t seen each other in nearly 20 years, Suzette (Goldie Hawn) remained wild and stuck in her ways and enjoyed the party lifestyle whereas Lavinia (Susan Sarandon) has moved away married a successful lawyer and had children and really embraced her new conservative lifestyle. Goldie Hawn absolutely suited the wild, free spirited character she was playing and her performance was solid but Susan Sarandon was a tad disappointing. She was decent while she was playing her characters new persona of conservative and uptight but during the movie she seemed to snap and reverted back to her old ways and I just didn’t think that Susan Sarandon suited playing a wild, crazy rock groupie type of character. She seemed awkward in the role as nothing felt natural, from the dancing in a club to talking about penises it all felt a little off, which was a shame.

The story was rather predictable and at times quite cheesy but I suppose from a chick flick I shouldn’t expect a great deal of excitement or originality as much like western movies they generally stick to the same rigid formula which does brings some success but is largely quite tedious. The Banger Sisters did provide me with a few more laughs than I had anticipated, especially in the scenes which included Goldie Hawn and Geoffrey Rush as they both worked tremendously well together. The chemistry and the bond their characters shared was great and definitely the highlight of the movie and if the movie focused more on the dynamics between the pair of strangers then it would’ve made for a much more enjoyable film. Before I wrap up I just want to finish off by saying how much I hated the scene where Suzette and Lavinia were meant to be high. So often in movies when the characters get high all they do is giggle and laugh uncontrollably and it’s so painful to sit through that my mind just shuts off until the scene is over.

Overall, The Banger Sisters was a mixed bag of good and bad but overall was an average and predictable chick flick. Geoffrey Rush and Goldie Hawn were great to watch and there was a nice little performance from Eva Amurri Martino which helped mask the generic plot and poor Susan Sarandon display.


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