Movie Review: Silverado (1985)

Starring: Kevin Kline, Scott Glenn and Danny Glover

Directed by: Lawrence Kasdan

A group of misfit friends travel together towards the town of Silverado where they are targeted for different reasons by the corrupt sheriff and his deputies. They must band together and put right the injustices that they have faced.

I generally don’t watch too many western movies for the main fact that 95% of them all follow the same rigid formula of good guy vs. bad guy and usually the bad guys ends up being a corrupt sheriff who has allowed power get the better of him. Silverado does largely follow the same kind of pattern but thanks largely to clever writing and wonderful directing it manages to convince the audience that it’s different and in all honesty it does feel a little more unique in comparison to the other western movies I’ve seen in the past. The cast is rather stacked full of young stars and the acting on display was largely superb. Kevin Kline and Danny Glover were both fantastic while Brian Dennehy as the corrupt sheriff was just about the stand out performer. Jeff Goldblum, John Cleese and Linda Hunt all provide great supporting appearances.

Scott Glenn and on screen brother Kevin Costner were both adequate enough but unfortunately provided the least quality in terms of acting performance. Kevin Costner was quite annoying at times as he plays an over excitable gun slinger who is more interested in having fun than anything else and Scott Glenn who is somebody that I consider to be a largely underrated actor was ok for the most part but didn’t seem to be able to look or act genuine when shooting a rifle or playing an injured victim. To finish my review on a good point I absolutely loved the music in this film. There’s something about old style western music that sounds so good to me and Silverado has this attribute in abundance.

Overall, Silverado was a really entertaining watch which had a very good, talented cast who mostly performed well. The score was great as was the cinematography and although Silverado follows the routine western pattern it felt better than the regular old humdrum western movie.


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