Movie Review: A Fantastic Fear of Everything (2012)

Starring: Simon Pegg, Amara Karan and Paul Freeman

Directed by: Cristian Mills and Chris Hopewell

A crime writer who began researching old Victorian time serial killers has given himself an irrational fear of everything. He’s a paranoid wreck and is nervous to carry out the simplest of day to day tasks but he must face his fears in order to meet a film executive who has taken a sudden interest his script.

Earlier this year I watched a little known Simon Pegg movie called Big Nothing which was fantastically funny and one of the biggest surprises of the year in terms of enjoyment. After staring longingly at my DVD collection wondering which one I should watch next my eyes gazed across A Fantastic Fear of Everything and I had hoped that this movie was going to be a lovely little gem like the aforementioned Big Nothing.

Unfortunately A Fantastic Fear of Everything wasn’t what I had hoped for and outside of Simon Pegg’s performance didn’t have much else going for it. Pegg was funny and some of his monologues and mannerisms were outstanding but other than that the story was poorly put together and there was no clear beginning, middle or ending as the movie just sort of took place and happened without reason. Most of the side characters provided little to no help in the story and they all were quite minuscule roles in comparison to Simon Pegg. However Alan Drake was rather amusing while he was on screen and he and Simon Pegg did share some pretty decent Chemistry but again A Fantastic Fear of Everything offered very little else to sink your teeth into.

Some of the scenes in the movie were needlessly weird and didn’t really have much context and I really didn’t like the animation of the hedgehog story towards the end. At times it was a hard movie to piece together and follow as the plot was virtually non-existent and I think if this movie didn’t star Simon Pegg I probably would’ve switched it off half way in to be honest, he was the only thing that this movie has to shout about.

Overall, a poor movie which is mildly tolerable only for the performance of Simon Pegg who is great for the most part. Everything else though just lacked quality and sense.


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