Movie Review: Life as We Know It (2010)

Starring: Josh Duhamel, Katherine Heigl and Josh Lucas

Directed by: Greg Berlanti

Holly and Eric are set up on a blind date by their best friends which goes horribly wrong. Three years down the line their best friends Peter and Allison have had a baby but are both killed in a car accident and they’ve named the baby’s guardians as Holly and Eric. Reluctant at first they decide to step up to the plate and do what’s best for the child that has been thrust into their lives.

I saw the trailer for Life as We Know It many years ago and thought for a romantic comedy it looked half decent. The rom-com has never really been my favourite genre of movie but every once in a while I stumble across a hidden gem that makes sitting through countless rom-com’s which all feel as though they are the same movie worthwhile. For me romantic comedies all have the same kind of story pattern and I’d like for somebody in Hollywood to just take a chance and try and reinvent the genre as a whole and create something fresh and unique. So before I pressed play on Life as We Know It I was hoping that it would be the diamond in the rough and be one of the stand out romantic comedies that not only makes me belly laugh but hits me right in the feels too.

Unfortunately, Life as We Know It was no where near the quality I had anticipated and the trailer did a very good job at making it seem both interesting and funny. Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl join forces as they play Eric and Holly respectively and they have been thrust into a position of joint responsibility despite not getting along very well. Their best friends set them up on a blind date three years prior to the events in this movie and it went horribly wrong. Fast forward to present day and their best friends have bought a lovely big house and are proud parents to a one year old girl, Sophie. One fateful evening they both die in a car accident but name Eric and Holly as Sophie’s guardian, which at first was a tough arrangement for the pair but they begin to get along and do what’s right for the baby. As all rom-com’s follow the same pattern it was inevitable that feelings were going to be shared but can Eric and Holly salvage their relationship before it’s too late after Eric is offered a great job in a different state? Of course it can.

Everything about Life as We Know It was quite predictable and bland. The comedy was extremely below par and although I mildly chuckled sporadically through this movie, it didn’t do enough for me to actually consider it a comedy. In every movie I’ve seen Katherine Heigl in, which admittedly isn’t many, she seems to always play the same type of person. She’s always micro managing and quite the up tight woman who comes across as very bitch-like. Whether she’s always this type of character because she can play it so well or perhaps it’s because it’s an extension of her own personality, who’s to say but I’d like to see her expand her horizon a little bit and branch out and do something different. At times her chemistry with Josh Duhamel was very good but then at other moments it was although they were strangers on set and had never met before, they just couldn’t seem to get into a nice rhythm.

Also, the general story is pretty outrageous to be believable too, I mean of all the family and friends that Sophie’s parents have they decide to leave her with two people who aren’t exactly fond of each other and do to so without their permission seems a little odd. Maybe that’s how it’s actually done, I have no clue but it strikes me as a little weird and unbelievable. I felt many of the jokes in the beginning stages of the movie where Eric and Holly were learning to be parents were poor because they tried to utilise a little bit of toilet humour which didn’t work as both Heigl and Duhamel seem like naturally comedic people and all the jokes just seemed so dated so fell completely flat.

Overall, Life as We Know It was a complete disappointment as it failed as both a comedy and a romantic film as it follows the same boring pattern as 90% of rom-coms and of course they had to use the cliche racing to the airport to express your true feelings scene. Snore


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