August 2018…Movie Roundup

After a rather unproductive month last month in terms of movie watching I sure made up for it over the course of August having watched 28 movies. It would have been more but I took a few days out last weekend to attend one of my best friends weddings which was a great day all round. August has probably been the best month in terms of average score as 25 of the 28 movies I watched scored a 5/10 or higher which for me a 5 is pretty much an average movie which has some bad and some good about it that I’ve watched once but doubt I’ll revisit it in the future. I was able to catch up on the latest MCU movie with Ant Man and the Wasp which didn’t fail to disappoint and that still leaves me with just Doctor Strange left to watch until I’ve seen all of them. It’s weird that I haven’t been able to watch it as during Infinity War he was one of the better, more intriguing characters on display. Anyway, here’s a ranked list from best to worst of each movie I have watched and reviewed this month with links to each review if you want to go back and check any of them out. As always, thanks for reading and I will see you in September with more movie reviews.

1.Robin Hood (2010)

2.Chasing Mavericks

3.White Fang

4.Ant Man and the Wasp

5.Million Dollar Arm

6.Touch of Evil

7.Message from the King

8.Like Father


10.Jason Bourne

11.Calamity Jane

12.The Hitman’s Bodyguard

13.Ghost Town

14.The Little Rascals


16.Spy Game

17.The Meg


19.Alice in Wonderland

20.The Colony


22.The Devil’s Mistress

23.Cardboard Gangsters

24.Testament of Youth

25.The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

26.A Cinderella Story

27.Howard the Duck

28.The Little Vampire

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