Movie Review: Extinction (2018)

Starring: Michael Pena, Lizzy Caplan and Mike Colter

Directed by: Ben Young

A father is plagued by a recurring dream of loss and invasion so much so that it begins to affect his home life and work. He keeps dreaming that an alien race comes to Earth and begin annihilating the human race and his nightmares soon turns out to be reality.

I was saying no less than two weeks ago when I wrote my Ant Man and the Wasp review how great an actor I think Michael Pena is and it’s a shame that he always seems to be the supporting actor and never the leading role. To my surprise I stumble across Extinction, which is a Netflix original, which had Michael Pena cast as the star of the movie so I was eagerly anticipating how he fared as he was thrust from the supporting crew to centre stage.

The first thing that I really enjoyed was the story. At first it did feel quite generic as it felt like any takeover/invasion movie but as the story started to pan out there was a big twist that I didn’t see coming and it felt quite refreshing as the script writers went in a completely different direction from what I was expecting. I really enjoyed the performances from both Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan who form a husband and wife partnership in this sci-fi thriller. The visual effects used were pretty impressive for a relatively small budget Netflix original movie too.

My main grievance with Extinction was the use of the children throughout the entire movie. In movies within the sci-fi thriller mixed with a dash of horror genre, children always make things difficult and add unnecessary drama to things and in Extinction it was no different. There were countless moments where Peter (Michael Pena) and Alice (Lizzy Caplan) had to risk their lives to save their 2 children from getting themselves and everyone around them killed for illogical reasons, such as saving a teddy bear. Why is it always a teddy bear that must be rescued as well? It infuriates me so much that I rolled my eyes numerous times throughout the movie and despite the quality of the story twist and acting from the two leads, the illogical and outrageous decisions made by the children in the movie brought my overall enjoyment of it down by quite a bit.

Overall, a movie that had some good and some bad but a movie that confirms my point I had previously made that Michael Pena should be given more leading roles.


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