Movie Review: The Colony (2013)

Starring: Kevin Zegers, Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton

Directed by: Jeff Renfroe

After a man made disaster kills off much of civilisation which leaves earth as a snowy, harsh wasteland forcing the remaining survivors to live in colonies underground. After experiencing difficulties communicating with Colony 5, three members of Colony 7 go and investigate to encounter a threat more deadly than the climate.

The Colony manages to combine a post apocalyptic style event with a zombie/cannibal movie and it was a very good idea. The remaining survivors are struggling to survive against two completely different threats, the freezing cold climate and the flesh eating, crazed cannibals. Only one thing I did struggle with is whether the threat from the cannibals are in fact zombies or whether they are crazed individuals who have lost all sanity because of the conditions that they have had to endure for such a long time and it’s not really cleared up either as you’re left wondering. The movie focusses on Colony 7, which is lead by military veteran Briggs (Laurence Fishburne). Briggs has set rules which everybody sticks to in order to survive but Mason (Bill Paxton) is getting a little fed up at taking direction. Mason is also a military veteran who served with Briggs and is deciding to do things his own way and moving away from the rules set in place. Sam (Kevin Zegers) is the main character and has a serious problem with Mason breaking the rules and not following correct protocol before killing off the sick. As the story develops they are made aware that Colony 5 are in trouble after sending out an SOS call so Sam, Briggs and a young man called Graydon set off to offer help. Upon arriving at Colony 5 they notice something is seriously wrong which is when they discover the crazed zombified cannibals (best way to describe them) and from then on chaos ensues.

The story was fairly decent and developed at quite a nice pace but was let down a little as the ending felt quite rushed and abrupt. Laurence Fishburne was really good as Briggs and Bill Paxton was great as Mason. Paxton was the type of actor who was very dependable as he could play any type of role and you’d know he’d do a good job and his performance in The Colony is no different. Lead actor Kevin Zegers wasn’t the best though, while his performance was ok he failed to fully express his emotions and he was just somebody that I found hard to connect with despite the movie telling his backstory which was meant to make you sympathetic towards him. I was more intrigued in Briggs and Mason’s stories which were slightly touched upon but never really developed.

I did enjoy the tension and the high stakes drama after the rescue party first met the cannibals despite it ending rather suddenly, the action was fast, frantic and the zombie cannibals reminded me of the creatures from 30 Days of Night which is a film that I loved. The leader of the cannibals was played by Dru Viergever and I thought he did a very good job at playing this demonic crazed character who was thirsty for blood and death. The make up department did a good job with him and some of the other cannibals as some close attention to detail was taken to make them appear alive but also dead to leave the audience with a mystery.

Overall, The Colony was half decent, while it wasn’t great it also wasn’t bad either as it provides 90 minutes of solid entertainment despite having a few flaws here and there.


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