Movie Review: The Little Rascals (1994)

Starring: Travis Tedford, Bug Hall and Brittany Ashton Holmes

Directed by: Penelope Spheeris

A young group of boys form the He-Man Woman Haters Club and abide by the simple rule of no girls. The structure of the club is threatened when one of its most respected members, Alfalfa Switzer, falls in love with Darla and brings her to the clubhouse for a picnic. Chaos ensues as the club almost implodes.

The Little Rascals was first released when I was 6 years old and I’m surprised it’s a movie that I missed growing up. I’m unsure whether I’ve seen any or all of it as I really don’t remember watching it as a kid and I 100% haven’t seen it as an adult. After watching a few children’s movies recently, such as Pete’s Dragon and Peter Pan, I was excited to finally watch The Little Rascals which I’m pretty sure is considered by many to be somewhat a classic children’s flick.

My first impressions of The Little Rascals were good as it left me with such a nostalgic feeling as I watched the close knit group of young boys who come together in the clubhouse as they call their first meeting. While the acting wasn’t particularly great, the children were charming and had had the ability to make me laugh and smile as the story progresses. Buckwheat and Porky were my two favourite characters from the get go and remained at the top as they played two best friends who weren’t exactly the brightest but always had a good time. While they weren’t the focal point of the story they certainly provided the majority of highlights. The story’s attention focused on Alfalfa as he falls in love with Darla and brings her back to the club house and Spanky who is the clubs leader and speaker. They have a falling out because Alfalfa likes a girl and everything goes wrong for the group as two best friends drift apart.

The story is enjoyable as it unfolds and progresses at a nice pace and I liked the surprise appearances from Donald Trump and Whoopi Goldberg towards the end. The one thing I was surprised at was that none of the child actors went on to become as famous as I thought they could’ve been. With The Little Rascals acting as a brilliant platform to make it big in the world of Hollywood nobody seemed to continue the momentum picked up from this movie, especially Travis Tedford and Ross Bagley who were the stand out performers. Some parts of the movie weren’t as enjoyable as the rest of it which is only natural for a movie like this as I wasn’t too thrilled about watching the talent show scene but thoroughly enjoyed the go kart race at the end as it reminded me of Wacky Races.

Overall, The Little Rascals was a nice little movie that was full of laughs and it has aged pretty well. While some of the child actors weren’t the best, others were a joy to watch as this story is full of nostalgia and a feel good message to never give up on your friends. This movie was “ohhhtay”


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