Movie Review: Bee Movie (2007)

Starring: Jerry Seinfeld, Renee Zellweger and Patrick Warburton

Directed by: Simon J. Smith and James Hickner

Barry B. Benson is a Bee who has just graduated college and is a little disillusioned with the idea of working one job for the rest of his life in the honey making process. Upon travelling outside of the hive his life is saved by Vanessa, a human, and Barry notices that humans steal the bees honey and eat it which results in him suing the humans.

From the trailer for the Bee Movie which I saw many years ago I thought it looked really good and funny and with the cast that it has I was expecting a very good animated movie. With the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Patrick Warburton, Chris Rock, Matthew Broderick, Renee Zellweger and Kathy Bates as well as other well known names from the world of Hollywood it was a sure fire winner, right? Such a stacked cast is quite common in animated movies but usually the movie is of high quality but Bee Movie just didn’t quite deliver for me.

The comedy was great and was definitely the best part of the movie as it had me chuckling for the most part although for a children’s movies I can’t imagine the kids watching this movie understanding much of the jokes as they seemed largely written for the parents. The main problem I had with this movie was the story was ridiculously stupid even for an animated film. While most animations aren’t believable the Bee Movie goes one step further and goes beyond unbelievable to being down right stupid. A bee unhappy with the prospect of being a part of the honey making process for the rest of his life decides to leave the hive for an adventure. He gets stuck in the human world and has his life saved by florist Vanessa. He strikes up some kind of strange friendship with her and keeps going back to see her and speak with her. One day while in a store he sees honey on the shelves and discovers how humans are keeping bees and steal their honey to sell and eat. Barry the Bee then decides to sue the humans for stealing the honey which only causes more problems that it solves.

I didn’t see the purpose of the weird relationship angle between a human and a bee and it was incredibly strange and cheesy to watch unfold but then all of a sudden it was over without any real explanations, just moved swiftly on to the next story arc. I also didn’t understand why the bees would drive around their hives in little bee cars when they have wings and could just as easily fly. Jerry Seinfeld and Patrick Warburton provided most of the comedy but there wasn’t much support from the rest of the cast in that field. Chris Rock was amusing in his cameo role as a mosquito but I think he was under utilised as he could’ve easily added a lot more to the movie if given a larger role. I think this movie would’ve benefited by just being focused on the bees without finding the need to add humans into the story. That’s where I kept finding myself enjoying the movie less when the humans were involved, I would’ve preferred this movie solely focus on Barry B. Benson and his hive.

In conclusion, Bee Movie had a lot of good comedy particularly from the main character played by Jerry Seinfeld but the story was too stupid for me to overlook which spoilt my overall enjoyment of the movie.


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