Movie Review: London (2005)

Starring: Chris Evans, Jessica Biel and Jason Stathom

Directed by: Hunter Richards

This story follows Syd who has been binging on drugs and alcohol since he and his girlfriend London broke up. After six months separated she is leaving for LA and he crashes her going away party for one final attempt at winning her back.

I decided to watch this movie due to Jason Statham’s involvement. Over his career he has largely played the same type of role and after reading the synopsis of this movie I felt I was able to watch him in a slightly different role than what I’m used to seeing. In this movie he plays a man called Bateman and isn’t really relevant to the main story as he is just a guy that main character Syd (Chris Evans) meets to buy some drugs off. One thing leads to another and Bateman gets invited by Syd to this party and they spend the majority of their time there in the bathroom doing drugs, drinking alcohol and procrastinating about life and their own personal hardships. This isn’t the way I saw London playing out but Jason Statham was incredible to watch and his chemistry with Chris Evans was great. Both actors really bounced off of each other and made the movie watchable as the main plot didn’t really have anything exciting going on at all. Both actors have some fantastic long dialogue rants which were both written and performed very well.

Chris Evans’ performance was also great to watch and while he wasn’t quite up to the level of Jason Statham it was still nice to see him act outside of the Marvel Universe and show a range of deep emotions. Outside of playing Captain America, there isn’t a great deal of movies that I’ve seen that he has done and it was refreshing to see that once his time as Captain America comes to end he will be able to diversify his movie roles with the range he displayed here.

While I enjoyed the performances of both Evans and Statham, the rest of the cast were just OK but what really hurt the films overall quality was a lack of storyline and the storyline that we did get was nothing but predictable. Also Jessica Biel who played title character London, was under-utilised to say the least as she barely features until the last few scenes and even then it didn’t feel like she was given much to do which was surprising considering her character was integral to the albeit thin story.

Overall, London was a reasonably entertaining movie largely thanks to the performances of both Chris Evans and Jason Statham. The story was close to non-existent which was a shame as I think this movie could’ve been something special had more time been taken building the story rather than the over focus on character building.


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