Movie Review: Circle (2015)

Starring: Julie Benz, Kaiwi Lyman and Daniel Lendh

Directed by: Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione

A group of fifty strangers wake up in a room with very little knowledge of how they got there are faced with their imminent death. Between them they must choose who dies and who gets to live as the last person standing.

Circle is a very unique take on a humans instinct to survive in the most unpredictable environments. 50 people awake in a circular formation to find that if they move outside their designated area they die and they soon realise that every couple of minutes another person will die and they are the ones with the power to choose who’s next. Each person has a vote and it’s a process of elimination, receive the most votes and times up you’re dead. These people have to figure out what’s happening and why and when they come to the general consensus that the last person standing may be allowed to live, tactics start coming in to play.

Inevitably when you stick a group or random people in a room some prejudices will come out and that’s exactly what happened here and the use of racial prejudice was handled very well and added an extra element to the drama. The dynamics of the movie were very unique and something that I can’t recall seeing before and we were able to get a small insight to a large portion of the group which enabled us to become more emotionally invested in certain characters than others which helped draw my focus and attention to the movie a lot more. The use of sound was done fantastically well as the countdown really struck fear into each of the characters and made the drama spike and had you guessing at which person was going to be next.

Watching this movie really has you thinking what would you do if faced with the same situation. Would you try and weasel your way to the end by turning people against others or would you volunteer to die in order for somebody more “deserving” to live. It’s a real eye opener and is more of a study into human nature and I found the whole thing quite fascinating.

While the movie didn’t end the way I expected it to as I was thinking it was going to end on some unanswered cliff hanger which was going to infuriate me, it did have a more concise ending but still didn’t provide all the answers to the many questions that needed answering. Also I thought the ending was going to be rather predictable but Circle really did throw me a curve ball within the last few scenes which was quite refreshing.

Overall, Circle was a pretty solid movie all round which makes you think quite a lot about what you would do in the same situation. The tension and drama was constant although I would’ve liked more questions to have been resolved at the end.


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