Movie Review: Little Evil (2017)

Starring: Adam Scott, Evangeline Lilly and Bridget Everett

Directed by: Eli Craig

Gary has just married the beautiful Samantha and has become the step father to her child Lucas. Their relationship is a little strained to say the least as Gary suspects Lucas of being the Antichrist.

This movie reminded me of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil which I absolutely loved. The spoofy kind of comedy horror genre has taken a bit of a beating over the years with the Scary Movie films but Tucker and Dale was such a breath of fresh air which has hopefully breathed new life into the genre. Little Evil doesn’t quite meet the benchmark set by Tucker and Dale but it is extremely funny and entertaining and took me a bit by surprise.

Adam Scott who I mainly know from his stint as Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation plays lead role Gary. He has just recently married Samantha, played by Evangeline Lilly, and now live together with her son Lucas, who is a little distant with his new step father. After trying to connect Gary begins to notice some weird stuff going on involving Lucas and becomes convinced that he is some kind of evil. Battling with his paranoia he soon discovers that Lucas is in fact the Antichrist but after a day of bonding he begins to truly connect with his step son. Lucas however is kidnapped by a cult which helped conceive him in order to kill him to allow Satan to bring the apocalypse to Earth but Gary, with his new found love for Lucas, is determined to stop the cult completing their mission.

There were so many great comedic performances within this movie as Evangeline Lilly plays the naive mother who is in denial extremely well and Adam Scott is fantastic as Gary. Adam Scott is a nervous wreck around Lucas and although Owen Atlas who plays Lucas is limited to very few lines throughout the movie, the pair have great chemistry on screen and really work well together. Owen Atlas does a fantastic job at being incredibly creepy which suits the character down to a tee and when he and Gary are bonding at the water park he becomes a cute playful kid. Watching the transformation of the Antichrist was good to watch and very funny. Bridget Everett was superb as she plays Gary’s coworker Al who is also a stepfather. She provides the most laughs in this goofy comedy horror which makes for some great evening entertainment.

The story was pretty basic but given the type of movie I wasn’t expecting anything too elaborate and the script was extremely well written. The only thing that didn’t really make much sense was the timeline of Samantha and Lucas. In the movie Samantha said that when she was in her early twenties she joined a cult and she was part of a ritual which is how Lucas was conceived. In the movie Lucas turns 6 and Samantha is definitely older than late twenties. As great as Evangeline Lilly looks she definitely wasn’t supposed to be playing somebody in their twenties so I was thrown off a little by that. It’s pretty nit-picky but it really played on my mind after she said it as the entire timeline didn’t make much sense.

Overall, this movie was extremely funny and light hearted which made for an easy watch. The comedy was great and the cast did a tremendous job all round, would definitely recommend this to anybody who enjoyed Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.


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