May 2018…Movie Roundup

We’re here again, another month down as the year just seems to be flying by. The month of May was certainly a mixed bag as towards the beginning I was feeling constantly disappointed with my movie choices but gradually the quality started improving and May turned into a pretty solid month. Good Will Hunting was definitely the standout movie, it was truly exceptional and it’s always nice to see actors such as Matt Damon and Robin Williams on top form. While movies such as Deadpool 2 lived up to its own hype unfortunately this month I watched a couple of movies that were meant to be fantastic watches but turned into being a dud, National Lampoons Animal House is the first that springs to mind here.

Next month I’m going to be a little less frequent in my movie watching as the football World Cup starts on the 14th June and any spare time I have after work will likely be focused on watching the tournament unfold. Unfortunately Wales didn’t quite make it through to the tournament so I’m not really rooting for anybody in particular but I do always like an underdog story although I highly doubt a team outside of the top five favourites will win the whole thing. While I’ll be fully football focused for large parts of next month I will still try and do as many movie reviews as time will allow.

So, here is a list ranked in order from best to worst of the movies that I managed to watch in May with a link provided encase you want to check any of the reviews out. Thanks for reading.

1.Good Will Hunting


3.Deadpool 2

4.The Lady in the Van

5.Once Were Warriors

6.Annie (1982)

7.Money Monster


9.The Adjustment Bureau

10.The Collector


12.Annie (2014)

13.3 Days to Kill

14.Joint Security Area


16.Game Over, Man

17.Rock of Ages

18.6 Balloons

19.Mrs. Ratcliffe’s Revolution

20.Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

21.Bulletproof Monk


23.National Lampoon’s Animal House

24.Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

25.Happy Birthday To Me

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