Movie Review: Game Over, Man! (2018)

Starring: Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson

Directed by: Kyle Newacheck

Three best friends who all work in a hotel are working on an idea which will make them millions. They decide to pitch their idea to a young Billionaire who is having a party in their hotel when terrorists strike, holding their potential benefactor hostage. The three friends, with no combative skills, bring it upon themselves to save the day.

Game Over, Man! Seems to be a very polarising movie as a quick look through the IMDb reviews section shows that people either absolutely love or hate this movie. I think the people who hate this movie are taking it too seriously as it’s just a goofy dumb comedy that doesn’t really make much logical sense but I think that’s the point of it. To enjoy this movie, even remotely you have to take it for what its for and not think of this as a classic comedy for the ages.

Adam Devine stars as Alexxx (unfortunately not a typo), the self appointed leader of a group of friends who all end up working at the same hotel as part of the housekeeping team. His team consists of Darren (Anders Holm) and Joel (Blake Anderson) and they are on a mission to pitch their skintendo gaming suit idea to a flamboyant rich billionaire who is staying at their hotel. Their plan however heads south as the hotel is taken over, die hard style, by a group of terrorists looking to extort money from the young billionaire. With no way to escape and their friendship under increasing pressure, the three friends must band together to save the billionaire and the rest of the hotel guests from the terrorists before they all get killed.

In terms of comedy, there were moments which had me belly laughing but then there were also a few times where the jokes just failed and really didn’t hit the mark. Adam Levine is usually quite enjoyable to watch but in this movie he was extremely irritating and was mostly responsible for the majority of the failed comedy. Blake Anderson and Anders Holm were much better to watch as they carried me through the lull of the middle segment. While the movie isn’t meant to be taken seriously, at times it felt like I was watching a modern day spoof of Die Hard and I’m not sure if that was intentionally done but it made me enjoy the film a smidge less because of it.

The supporting cast was filled with B list actors such as Neal McDonough, Rhona Mitra and Daniel Stern as well as appearances from people such as Mark Cuban, Donald Faison and Steve-O who were all playing themselves. I didn’t really see the point of including the likes of Faison and Steve-O as they didn’t really add anything to the story in anyway except to only show the current status of their careers. Daniel Stern on the other hand was entertaining as he played laid back hotel boss Mitch and Rhona Mitra was fairly decent as a bad ass killer. While some of the comedy did let this movie down, some of the death scenes more than made up for it as they were brutal and great to watch unfold as the rag tag team of housekeeping heroes stumbled their way to becoming terrorist fighting badasses.

In conclusion, this movie is pretty funny and entertaining and should not be taken seriously in any kind of way. This is not meant to be a movie that’s going win any awards but is meant to be enjoyed for what it is, stupid comedy that allows you to shut off and unwind. Sure it has a lot of faults but the comedy was decent enough to make them not matter as much.


7 thoughts on “Movie Review: Game Over, Man! (2018)

  1. Although people make a lot of fuss over movies like this and hate on it simply because it’s not that good, I don’t see it that away. Amidst all the serious and plot-heavy movies out there, it’s always good to have a fun flick like this to just relax your mind and laugh a little. Good review btw!

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      1. Exactly. I think we ha e enough reality and hardships in real life? Why extend that to movies as well! 😂 there’s no need to thank me your writing is really good!

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  2. I feel you on this and mentioned a lot of the same points in my piece. It’s definitely over the top, no doubt about that. The prospect and premise of a sequel seemed pretty interesting – I’m not gunna lie.

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