April 2018…Movie Roundup

So another month has been and gone and that means another monthly movie roundup. April saw me watch quite a few more older movies which were pre 2000 than I have done in the past and overall April has probably been the best month in terms of quality. Over half of the movies that I have watched I would highly recommend to anybody who hasn’t seen them before. The highlight of this past month was The Greatest Showman, it was truly perfect and the songs have stayed with me weeks afterwards. Here is the complete list of movies ranked from best to worst that I’ve seen with a link to each of you wanna check any of them out.

1.The Greatest Showman

2.Kramer vs. Kramer

3.Avengers: Infinity War

4.Some Like It Hot


6.Stir of Echoes

7.A Quiet Place

8.Coming to America

9.Princess and the Frog

10.Andre the Giant

11.Casualties of War


13.Brewster’s Millions

14.Nothing But The Truth

15.The Huntsman: Winters War

16.Secret in Their Eyes

17.Salmon Fishing In The Yemen

18.Carrie (1976)

19.Napoleon Dynamite


21.I Saw the Light

22.Two Night Stand

23.Into the Night

24.Pay the Ghost


26.Good Luck Chuck

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back in May with many more reviews.

9 thoughts on “April 2018…Movie Roundup

  1. Brewster’s millions is probably one of my favorite comedies. Such a gem. Loved A quiet place and Infinity war too. The Russo brothers did a great job with every single character in the film I was very pleasantly surprised.

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