Movie Review: Violet & Daisy (2011)

Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Alexis Bledel and James Gandolfini

Directed by: Geoffrey Fletcher

Two teenage assassins accept a job which has been described to them as “quick and easy” until the target throws them off of their plan and befriends them.

Violet & Daisy starts off brilliantly well, it’s bold and pushes the boundaries of what the stereotypical assassin movie should be. There was a great attention to detail, quality action scenes and a nice mix of humour to boot. The idea of using the innocence of teenage girls as assassins and blending that together with the cruel harsh reality of their job was fascinating to watch unfold.

Violet & Daisy are played by Alexis Bledel and the always impressive Saoirse Ronan respectively. The pair of them both wear their heart on their sleeves and put everything into their performances and really carry the movie along nicely. The way Saoirse Ronan’s character was portrayed reminded me of how she played the title role in Hanna, only less of a bad ass, and I loved that movie and her performance in it. The late great James Gandolfini plays the role of the would be assassination victim. He does a fairly good job at allowing the main characters to develop and grow but Gandolfini himself didn’t look all that interested to be there. I’m sure if this was because his character knew his end was near or because his character was battling cancer and almost welcomed the premature ending of his life but he was just kind of sat in his chair, slumped and looked completely disinterested to what was going on. Whether or not this was done purposefully I couldn’t quite tell, i suppose it was either great acting by Gandolfini or incredibly lazy acting.

The main issue with this movie was the second half. As I said, the first half was brilliant and engaging with plenty going on to keep you hooked but once James Gandolfini’s character accepts his fate and is a willing participant in his own assassination the movie takes a huge nose dive in terms of entertainment. While the acting from Ronan and Bledel was still great the story itself came to a standstill and the rest of the movie was quite boring and filled with nothing. All sense of action and drama had been taken away and in its place came multiple trips to get ammunition and not a great deal more.

Overall, Violet & Daisy was still worth watching but I felt it started off so tremendously well but failed to continue in that manner throughout, I guess I’ll always be left wondering what could’ve been.


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