Movie Review: Wild Child (2008)

Starring: Emma Roberts, Natasha Richardson and Georgia King

Directed by: Nick Moore

Poppy Moore is a spoilt Malibu rich kid who has completely gone off track since the passing of her Mum. He father decides to send her off to the same all girls boarding school her mother went to in England called Abbey Mount in a hope she can turn her attitude around.

I’ll start off by stating that this type of teen chick flick is not usually my cup of tea but it was my wife’s choice to choose a movie and this was her decision. Despite Wild Child not being something I’d usually check out I was still going to be open minded.

To put it nicely Wild Child wasn’t that good at all. The story was excruciatingly generic, pretty much the same as any other teen/high school style movie. Emma Roberts plays Poppy Moore who is a spoilt Malibu rich kid who thinks she can get away with doing anything she wants whenever she wants. It’s the classic story where her father reaches breaking point sends her away to a boarding school in a different country to try and change her ways. Immediately she arrives at the school and acts out trying to get herself expelled and becomes the nemesis of the school suck up Harriet. Gradually she begins to make friends and wants to stay but her arch enemy Harriet almost gets the better of her and is inches away from getting her kicked out of Abbey Mount until Poppy prevails and becomes the better person that we all knew she could be. It’s a story that I’ve seen hundreds of times before and I’m not sure why I was anticipating anything else other than this routine display.

For a movie that classes itself as a comedy, the comedy was very few and far between. However on a positive note, Emma Roberts did better than I could’ve expected from such a derivative script but for her this was just a stepping stone to bigger and better things. She managed to play spoilt, funny, pretty and vulnerable at the same time which is no easy feat. Also her group of friends were pretty good in their supporting roles too providing a solid foundation for Roberts to shine from. Georgia King also does very well at playing Harriet, the head girl and all round suck up. Wild Child was the Scottish actress’s first feature film and she bounced off and worked with Emma Roberts extremely well. One was stereotypically over the top American while the other was the snooty Brit and between them they made the film relatively watchable.

Overall, Wild Child was pretty poor but was saved from being a total

bust with some decent performances from a handful of the young actresses. Not my type of movie but I can see the appeal it has towards the younger audience.


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