Movie Review: Ride Along 2 (2016)

Starring: Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and Ken Jeong

Directed by: Tim Story

Following on where the story from the first movie left off, Ben is due to get married to Angela and is also a newly recruited police office on his probationary period. Ben and soon to be brother in law James head down to Miami to investigate where/who an Atlantan drug dealers supply comes from.

I watched the first Ride Along movie a couple years ago and quite enjoyed it. The comedy was decent and the partnership on screen between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart was an interesting dynamic that worked. It was the type of movie you could enjoy, not have to think for 90 minutes and have a laugh along the way. Unfortunately not the same can be said for the second instalment.

I can understand why a sequel was made for a movie that didn’t necessarily need one. Having a quick check on Wikipedia and seeing that the first Ride Along made a profit of over $100 million. Hollywood tends to be very happy to keep churning out sequels regardless of quality as long as the predecessor makes a substantial profit. Despite understanding the reason I still hate the idea of pointless sequels just to make a quick buck.

Ride Along 2 was painfully similar to the firs one in terms of the general story. Ben is trying to impress and prove his worth to future brother in law James, who is again reluctant to give him any credit for anything he does. This time Ben is now a rookie police officer who is desperate to showcase his skills and that’s he’s worthy of the badge and James’ respect. The comedy was very similar to the first movie too, while there are some laughs here and there I just kept getting the feeling that I’d seen and heard all the jokes before. Ice Cube was very one dimensional as James as he seems to play the same character in every single one of his movies, the very cliche over the top tough guy who struggles to show emotion. Ken Jeong was injected into this movie to add some comedic weight but I really found him and his character boring and unfunny throughout. He struggled to fit in anywhere and was completely over shadowed by Kevin Hart. Apart from The Hangover movies he’s never really been overly impressive or funny in any of his other projects.

Kevin Hart is one of those guys in the entertainment world that everything he touches seems to turn into money. Like the first Ride Along, this sequel has made a huge box office profit and I’d say this is mainly down to Kevin Hart’s current success. In Ride Along 2 he’s his usual funny self but generally he’s one of the only redeeming qualities in an otherwise poor movie.

In conclusion, I think if you’ve seen the first movie and enjoyed it, avoid this drab sequel and forget it exists. On the other side of the coin if you haven’t seen the first movie and decide to watch the second (for whatever reason) you will probably enjoy it as you’ve got nothing to reference it to as both movie are painfully similar.


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