January 2018…Movies so far

Hi there guys, just providing a little update on my movie viewings for the first month of 2018.

As some of you may know I’m strictly watching movies that I haven’t seen before after amassing close to 2000 DVDs and realising most of the I haven’t seen as I used to continuously watch my old favourites I decided enough was enough. I’m working my way through my DVD shelves and blasting my way through the Netflix catalogue stumbling across some great movies in the process.

I tried starting this blog last year but I was working 2 jobs and busy planning a wedding that I didn’t really have time to really do what I wanted. Now my wedding is done and I’m now just working the one job, I’ve found myself with a lot more spare time on my hands so I decided to give this another blast.

With January coming to a close I’ve managed to watch 31 new movies, some brilliant pieces of cinema and some not so much. I will list each movie in best to worst order to see what kind of month I’ve had.

(Each movie listed does have its own review if you want to click the links and see what I thought about them)

1. Hacksaw Ridge

2. Misery

3. The Danish Girl

4. Waking Ned

5. Big Nothing

6. Concussion

7. Midnight Run

8. My Name is Lenny

9. The Man with the Iron Heart

10. Eye in the Sky

11. Night of the Hunter

12. Sweet Sixteen

13. Donnie Brasco

14. Imperial Dreams

15. In the Mouth of Madness

16. Power Rangers (2017)

17. Friends with Money

18. The BFG (2016)

19. Mean Streets

20. Goosebumps

21. Bright

22. Posse

23. The Vault

24. Now You See Me 2

25. Trespass Against Us

26. Interview with the Vampire

27. 17 Again

28. Bushwick

29. Dorian Gray

30. Walt Before Mickey

31. Triangle

So thank you all for reading my reviews thus far and any movie recommendations or feedback on areas to improve I’m all ears.

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