Movie Review: The Vault (2017)

Starring: James Franco, Taryn Manning, Francesca Eastwood and Scott Haze

Directed by: Dan Bush

Two estranged sisters must work together to rob a bank in order to help their brother who has a large debt to payback to the wrong kind of people. As the robbery progresses they soon find out that this is no ordinary bank.

I knew very little about the movie before watching it, all I knew was it had something to do with a bank robbery and James Franco was the star name used to put butts in seats. It’s nice to see James Franco in a role outside of his norm (Pineapple Express, This is the End etc). Although both films mentions are good solid comedies which I could watch repeatedly, Franco always runs the risk of being a very typecast one dimensional actor if this is all he churns out. Every once in a while he takes a role like this which puts him in unfamiliar territory and it’s refreshing to see. Throughout this movie he keeps you guessing as to whether his character, the bank’s assistant manager, is actually part of the hostages or part of the robbery team, a few times I changed my mind to where his allegiance lay with. Taryn Manning, who plays Vee, one of the estranged sisters leading the robbery, puts in a solid acting performance and is the right amount of crazy to be believable with out being over the top. The tone of the movie is just right as well. The Vault is categorised within the horror-thriller genre buts it’s thriller for the most part. The Horror is used sporadically throughout and the eerie atmosphere relies heavily on good use of music and creepy background noises coming from the dark. Too often in modern day horror jump scares are relied on to get a reaction from the audience. Overall The Vault is a solid movie with some decent acting by a couple of people and some not so good acting by others, the script is quite bland and predictable but the atmosphere is spot on and the twist at the end was decent too.

I think the ending will make or break this movie for a lot of people. Some will love it and others will hate it. For me I didn’t see it coming and quite liked how the movie played out.


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