Movie Review: Walt Before Mickey (2015)

Starring: Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jon Heder and Kate Katzman

Directed by: Khoa Le

This movie is about the life and professional struggle of Walt Disney before he became successful.

I’m going to keep this review short but to the point. This is a pretty poor film. I felt Thomas Ian Nicholas was definitely the wrong choice to play Walt Disney, he’s very uncharismatic both in this movie and as an actor in general. Jon Heder didn’t really add anything to this movie either, was just kind of there without doing anything worthwhile. I was really hoping that this would be similar to Saving Mr Banks or Miss Potter, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed, but regrettably it wasn’t and I felt like I had wasted an hour and forty minutes of my life. Only thing I can take away from Walt Before Mickey as a positive was that the story itself was intriguing and interesting, seeing Walt Disney struggle and grind his way to the success we all know today, it was just poorly executed.

To summarise, avoid at all costs. If you’ve already had the displeasure of watching this then my commiserations are sincerely offered.


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