The Next 5 Movie Reviews!

Just another brief update as to what is going on here, I’m only watching movies this year and possibly for the forseeable future that I haven’t seen before as I found I was continuously re-watching the same movies on a regular basis. I’m currently playing catch up and have a whole bunch more movies to write about but I’m slowly getting up to date, Enjoy!


41. The Fear of 13 (2015)

The fear of 13 is a documentary about the life of Nick Yarris who was convicted of murder and spent 23 years sitting on death row awaiting the death sentence. I saw this documentary on Netflix and was intrigued by the premise of it and generally get drawn into real life stories such as this one. Nick Yarris told and narrated the whole story starting from his childhood, leading to his troubled teens and finally into his prison life and the crime which he was convicted of committing. This enabled the man behind the story to display his emotions and leave it all out there for the world to see and taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride as the story develops. I knew absolutely nothing about this mans story so had no idea about how the story of Nick Yarris ended which was probably for the best as I invested in it a lot more. Definitely worth checking out! 7/10

42. Miss Meadows (2014)

This movie stars Katie Holmes, who for me is most famous for her marriage with Tom Cruise over her acting career, which is a shame as although I haven’t seen many of her movies, the ones I have seen have generally been pretty decent. Miss Meadows was no different. A movie that only came out 3 years ago which has kind of flown right by without anybody noticing it at all. I’m glad I stumbled across it as it was delightfully pleasant and Katie Holmes as the sweet and polite Miss Meadows and the violence mixed in was the perfect combination to create the vigilante persona of the title character. The story develops at a nice pace to enjoy without leaving the audience with any plot confusion. The best thing to come out of this movie was a reminder to everybody that Katie Holmes is a talented actress and not a celebrity magazine article piece. 7/10

43. Catwoman (2004)

I think it’s well documented how bad this movie is, I’m not sure if one more negative review is needed but I’m going to have my two cents regardless. Halle Berry stars as Patience Phillips / Catwoman who is seeking revenge on the people who tried to kill her. Everything and I mean everything was poor in this movie, from the acting to the action sequences to the visual effects, nothing at all had any redeeming quality. The only silver lining I can find is that Catwoman was cheap to buy, so despite it being a huge waste of my time and life to watch at least it wasn’t that big of a waste of money. By far the worst film this year that I’ve seen and very easily one of the worst films that I’ve ever seen. 1/10

44. Beasts of No Nation (2015)

A fictional war based drama based on the life of Agu, who is a child soldier who has lost everything in his short life and gets recruited to fight in a civil war in an African country. Agu loses his home, his family, his friends and his innocence and the most shocking part of this was although it was a story based purely on fiction, this could have quite easily been a historical movie of real events from any number of African countries over the last few decades. Idris Elba provided a stellar performance as the army general and Abraham Attah who played Agu was equally as excellent. Despite two great performances the movie was slow-paced and was needlessly longer than 2 hours, it definitely could’ve been condensed into a shorter more impactful story. I would’ve personally liked to see more fighting between the two armies and more action throughout. Overall a decent movie and worth a watch but won’t be in a hurry to re-watch this anytime soon. 6/10

45. Filth (2013)

James McAvoy plays a corrupt, alcoholic, junkie cop who is in line for a promotion but struggles to keep it together dealing with a personality disorder as he tries to win back his wife and daughter. McAvoy plays the character brilliantly and he’s helped with a pretty good ensemble supporting him, including Jamie Bell and Eddie Marsan. It’s very easy to make resemblances to Trainspotting for the simple fact that it’s Scottish, gritty, full of sex and drugs but to truly appreciate this Filth you have to forget about the brilliance of Trainspotting and see Filth for what it is, an in-depth character study of somebody whose life is crumbling around them, struggling to cope with alcoholism and a mental disorder it really opens your eyes to the real life struggles that millions around the world deal with. A funny, dark and violent movie which provides 90-ish minutes of entertainment which more people should see in my opinion and this is definitely up there with one of James McAvoy’s best movies and performances. 7/10


The next 5 movie reviews to follow! Thanks for reading.


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