Wrapping up the first 30

26. Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

Three years after the first Horrible Bosses movie comes its sequel, which before viewing I didn’t think was needed as the first one tied up nicely. Usually sequels for comedy movies like this always sink and sink hard compared to it’s predecessor but this was a bit of a pleasant surpise. Horrible Bosses 2 retained it’s original cast, including the supporting members such as Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Aniston and Kevin Spacey with the additions of Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz to create a whole new comedy adventure. Dale, Nick & Kurt have taken their careers into their own hands and become their own bosses by setting up a company together but they soon have the rug pulled out from underneath them by a slick investor (Christoph Waltz) which triggers the trio to try and pull out an elaborate kidknapping of his son (Chris Pine). Plenty of laughs throughout and it followed a very similar formula to the first which was a recipe for a decent, enjoyable comedy movie. 6/10

27. Stigmata (1999)

The plot for this 90’s horror movie centres around a young woman who becomes afflicted by stigmata and  a priest is sent by the Catholic church to investigate the case which opens up a whole string of ramifications for the priest and for the Catholic Church itself. The movie is a bit of damp squib and I found it very hard to fully get into it and apart from the performance by the lead actress, Patricia Arquette, this didn’t have a whole lot going for it. The movie had an interesting concept but the final product just failed to deliver what I had hoped for a good movie. 4/10

28. Blackhat (2015)

I feel this movie has kind of slipped under the radar quite a bit, starring Chris Hemsworth with Viola Davis in support, two current big hitters in Holloywood, I didn’t see this advertised or enter the cinema and my only knowledge of this came from seeing it on DVD at a reduced price. I gave the blurb on the back of the case a read, was intrigued and decided to buy it and it has sat on my shelf until now. Blackhat felt like an updated version of Swordfish only with a slightly worse cast and my biggest gripe with the casting of Blackhat was that of Chirs Hemsworth, although he is a big time star he just wasn’t believable as a big time computer hacker. Besides this Blackhat was enjoyable to watch with a good balance of story and action sequences, it’s definitely worth checking out and giving it a chance despite the mountain of negative reviews it has received. 6/10

29. 13th (2016)

An Oscar nominated documentary which provided an in-depth look at America’s prison system and it how it reveals the country’s history of racial inequality. A Netflix original documentary which popped up on my ‘recommended for you’ list, I gave it a quick google to see what it was all about and was immediately sold and jumped into it. The movie touches upon America’s history with slavery, the movie ‘The Birth of a Nation’, segregation, the civil rights movement and the war on drugs. The documentary was a real eye opener to the history of the United States and its troubles with race which continues to present day America. Everyone generally knows the history when it comes to Slavery and the civil rights movement but less is documented on the prison system and the profitability of having a full prison to an empty one and for me it was a very opinion free documentary which really helped it’s caused. I recommend anybody with Netflix to give this a watch, it’s well worth your time. 8/10

30. Arrival (2016)

I was eagerly anticipating Arrival since the first time I saw the trailer. After watching Passengers at the end of 2016, this was the next big science fiction movie that I just had to see. I’ve been a big fan of Jeremy Renner for quite some time now, probably since the first time I watched The Hurt Locker, and Amy Adams is steadily getting better and better with each peroformance, so this was a duo which had a lot of promise  from the get go. The story was very good, very well told and developed and the use of linguistics to communicate with aliens was different and executed with perfection. I had a slight problem with the ending and that it didn’t really have a nail biting finale that I was hoping for and the romantic angle, although kind of inevitable, was quite unnecessary for the type of film it was. I think my high expectations were always going to be hard to match or exceed which I feel ended up hindering my overall opinion on Arrival. Although I wished for more it was still a very good watch which I’d recommend to  anyone who hasn’t already seen it. 7/10


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